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Quarry Marble and Glass: Co-ordinated Stone and Glass Mosaic

Delicate yet robust, this combination of marble and glass is a study in contrasts. The glass is 100% recycled and therefore contains wisps, inclusions and irregularities that bring the combination to life. The Marble is matte finished and richly veined. Although affordable this mosaic looks chic and exclusive and is exactly on trend. Specifications:
Tile size:1.5x1.5 (2.25cm2) Tile thickness:8mm thick
Standard sheet:324 tiles, 30x30cm Sheets per m2:11.1
Sheet weight:1.4 kg Box:11 sheets = 1m2
Tile size:1.5x1.5 (2.25cm2) Tile thickness:6mm thick
Standard sheet:400 tiles, 33x33cm Sheets per m2:9.4
Sheet weight:1.1 kg Box:10 sheets = 1m2
• UVA and Frost Resistant
• Cuts easily with minimal shattering
• Mesh mounted for easy installation

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Walls, Floors, Pools, Kitchens, Bathrooms
• Architectural and hobby both indoor and outdoor

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