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8mm (3/10 inch)

This is a collection of 8mm mosaic that perfectly compliments our larger format mosaic as it is all 4mm thick. Manufactured almost solely in Turkey this product is 100% recycled window glass that is powdered, coloured and then turned in mosaic through a sintering process using a combination of heat and pressure. extremely strong and durable it comes in 3 main finishes. Gloss, Matte and Pearlised. * 8mm square (slightly larger than 1/4 inch) *4mm (1/8 inch thick, the same thickness of most commonly used vitreous and stained glass tesserae) *1,100 tiles = ± 1 square foot. *1000g (2.2lbs) contains ±1,600 tiles or 1.45 square feet. *50g contains ±85 tiles *Recycled sintered glass mosaic *UV and Frost resistant *Molded for consistent sizing *Can be cut cleanly with wheeled nippers (very little crumbling or splintering) *Each colour can come in 1 of 3 finishes: Standard (Glossy), Matte, Iridized. Creating a huge variety of tones. *All finishes are permanent and will not wash or wear off.

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