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Ottoman Pearls: 8mm Pearlised

All of our favourite colours of Ottoman Treasure with a sparkling, translucent layer of iridescence making them even harder to resist.
Traditional Ottoman tiles made from recycled glass (mostly windowpane glass that is powdered, filtered and then melted) and coloured with natural minerals and colour oxides. Each tile is stamped into individually pressed shapes rather than the common method of moulding. Each tile is annealed through a linear kiln to become the strongest and most durable mini glass mosaic available with excellent colour fastness and may be cut easily and accurately using wheeled nippers without crumbling or waste. The smooth, even surface reflects and refracts light evenly to produce vivid colour and life. The wide range of colours and tones make this product an excellent choice for all levels of mosaic and perfect for pixel mosaic.

Tile size: 0.8x0.8cm Tile thickness: 4mm thick
Tiles per m2: approx 10,000, 2mm spaces Weight per m2: approx 5 kg
Tiles per 50g: ± 100 pieces

• Perfect for pixel mosaic, sits well in 10mm bevelled grid
• UVA and Frost Resistant
• Cuts easily with minimal shattering

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