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Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone

There is a special place for traditional mosaic products that have created the world's most enduring and iconic mosaics. Winckelman's is a French Porcelain manufacturer of quality unglazed quarry tiles since 1894, the tile of choice for traditional Roman style mosaic. Gaudi did more to make mosaic a modern art form than any other artist with his exuberant use of colour and form. Use Mosa high gloss tiles for Gaudi style mosaics indoors but the Cesi floor tiles are essential for outdoor projects where freezing occurs. Caifornia Pebble is a Retro collection with an eco or zen theme. We have also put together a solid range of tumbled mini marble, glazed handmade Moroccan zellij and micro glazed ceramics of just 5mm at attractive prices.

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