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Mirror: All colours and sizes

This is our extensive and growing collection of mirror. We are manufacturing much of it in the Netherlands by silvering (using real silver) Germand and Italian stained glass. Please note that mirror plates are very fragile both in shipping and in use in projects. We recommend using a neutral Ph glue such as Olba or PVA to adfix the pieces but they will always be subject to turning as this is a natural oxidation process. The best preventative is to pre-coat the mirror with PVA on the back and sides to seal the silver backing from exposure to grout and air. Silvercoats by Spectrum is a line of silvered mirror made from waterglass and can be used outside. Moretti glass is made by Effetre, this glass is COE104 and is compatible with the Effetre Millefiori we carry. A beautiful soft glass from Murano, mouthblown and made from centuries old recipes. The collection known as Van Gogh Glass ( after the whorls and whirls on its undercoat) is made from float glass sprayed with automotive paint and is both frost and UVA resistant. Mirror and Glass are shipped at your own risk.

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