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Darling Dots: 8mm

The most charming product that we have seen in a very long time…we love them and hope you will too. It's hard to resist these tiny discs of coloured glass. Perfectly formed through sintering, the process of fusing recycled glass powder and mineral oxides into a strong crystalline solid. Darling Dots can be used for detailing and outlining as well as in the pointillist style…pretend that you are Seurat and the world is made up of dots and dashes of light and colour…Another art style particularly suited to this format is the Aboriginal Dream Time designs….let your imagination go…. No cutting needed to make the most intricate of patterns - although for micro work, they can be cut using wheeled nippers. Their small size and standard thickness makes them easy to combine with 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20mm tiles from most manufacturers. The size varies between 7-8mm and the thickness is 4mm.

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