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Emaux de Smalti Plaquettes

These stamped glass plaquettes are made using traditional smalti recipes from Murano by a small family foundry in France. This is a wonderful new product that can be used in multiple ways. Use an oil filled glass cutter and a pair of running pliers to create curves and shapes that are normally not possible with regular smalti. Cut using a wheeled nipper to make gorgeous irregular tesserae or any variety of geometric shapes. Approximately 5-6mm thick they combine perfectly with Perdomo smalti or Ceramic tiles and are strong enough for floor inserts or heavy traffic areas. This shape of smalti is often called the Ravenna cut or B cut and measures 8x8cm. 14 plaquettes per kg.

Tile size:approx 8x8cm (64cm2) Tile thickness:5-6mm thick
Tiles per m2: Approximately 150 plaquettes
• UVA and Frost Resistant
• Undulating handmade glass plaquettes
• May be cut or used whole
• Cut using glass cutter and running pliers and/or wheeled nippers

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Architectural, hobby and art projects both indoor and outdoor

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