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Tiffany Stained Glass

Perhaps the most versatile materials on the planet, glass is also one of the most beautiful and captures our collective imagination with its brilliance, playfulness and light transmitting qualities. In the 1920's Louis Tiffany revolutionised the world of stained glass manufacturing by introducing new techniques for colouring, finishing and cutting glass to create his famed "Tiffany" masterpieces. Since then American glass companies have been the leaders in producing stained glass for the art world. Spectrum is the market leader in the US because they combine quality and selection with affordability. We carry a wide range of their glass that we have divided into 3 levels of transparency plus one category for glass that is iridised. Within each of these there are several colours that belong to the System 96 sub group for fusing. Glass is molten and red hot during production and when it cools it is only then that the final colour is revealed, due to this process subtle variations may okay in colour, texture and gloss please note that these are considered desirable traits in glass. If you need an exact colour or match then you must come to the store in person to choose your glass. Please note that glass is fragile and we cannot be held responsible for any breakage during shipping. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS SHIPPED AT YOUR OWN RISK

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